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7. March 2023 By Walter Price 0

JOY AUTUMN has NIRVANA All Apologies, covered

Joy Autumn All Apologies is available on Bandcamp, Tidal, Spotify

Joy Autumn

by Walter Price

Olympia’s Joy Autumn records her life’s snapshots and if that happens to be one of rock-n-roll’s most painfully poignant songs, so be it—its her story to tell. “Today is Kurt Cobain’s Birthday [Febuary 20], and as a tribute to him, I’m releasing a gentle folk rendition of “All Apologies,” my favorite Nirvana song. “All Apologies” was written in Olympia, WA a couple miles from my childhood home in 1990, and when I found myself once again living at home in 2020 during the pandemic, I recorded this song in my childhood bedroom. I’ve always wanted to do a tribute to my local songwriting hero, and honor him for the way his music has inspired and changed my life. I hope you enjoy it.”

With a touch of stardust and plenty of twilight glow and the raw emotional weight nearing The Paper Kites or The Civil Wars, this humble cover is a beautifully haunting homage to one of the greatest songwriters to ever grace this bewildering planet. Joy Autumn is an old soul and her journey is one to continue to listen to.

You can stream the bedroom recorded redux as well as the perma-powerful In Utero classic, here at the GTC.

JOY AUTUMN All Apologies

+ Nirvana

Artist photo by Katrina Camille Manaligod // Quotes via Bandcamp &

Written by Kurt Cobain

Guitars and Vocals by Joy Autumn
Strings by Anton Patzner
Produced by Joy Autumn and Anton Patzner
Mixed by Ethan Carlson
Mastered by Berlin Mastering

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I’ve learned that I don’t need to have an extreme relationship or do extreme things to feel content. I can be happy with and inspired by a simple life.” – Joy Autumn

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