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Hurricane Love, Yes Please!

By Claudia Price

Hurricane Love (Schneltser Photography)

There are a few bands out there that cause those crazy happy goosebumps to spread up your body the first time you listen to them. A few weeks ago I heard Hurricane Love and believe me  they are such a band. As I said for the past week I have been listening to every single song I can find online.

Their latest single “Only Human” was released this past July. You can find the official video and many, many different live performances on Youtube. Hurricane Love are from Malmoe, Sweden and currently consist of six members. They are young, fresh and vibrant and I guarantee you we will hear good things about HL in the future.
This is a band more concerned with doing it right in the music business and not the quick money and adulation. So refreshing just like the music they are giving the world. We expect all the perks will come in due course for this true to their craft act.
A few days ago we talked to Hurricane Love’s own Rasmus Viberg who took the time to answer some questions. Here is our conversation…:
Would you mind introducing Hurricane Love to us? Who is who, where did you all meet, how long have you been playing together, who has which part in the band?
We’ve been playing together for almost 2 years now and the band consists of Rasmus (Vocals), Nina (Vocals), Toby (Guitar), Johanna (Keys), Magnus (Bass) and Robin (Drums).
Robin, Toby and Magnus met at College and formed the band. Later on Robin asked his sister Nina to join. She also took her best friend Johanna with her. Back then they played very different music from what we do today. 2012 Rasmus joined and that was the last piece of the puzzle!
The last single you´ve released was “Only Human”. Are you working on a full-length album at the moment? When do you think we can expect it?
We would love to do a full-length album, but as a up-coming band the hype is more long-ranged when you work with singles. The plan is to release some singles next year and work our way up. Of course we’ll release an album one day but I think a couple of singles and EPs is the first goal!
Nina and Rasmus are the main singers, are they also the 2 main songwriters or is songwriting a cooperation of the whole band?
We work in a lot of different ways when we write music. Sometimes someone comes with an idea and sometimes we have writing sessions.
Where do your musical influences come from?
Coldplay, Sigur Ros, Foo Fighters, Muse!
When I looked online I found a bunch of acoustic sets of Hurricane Love and quite a few festival performances. The energy in the band comes across on both. What do you prefer?
We love playing live on big stages. The acoustic is also great but the energy is so much greater when you have the big riffs and drums behind you. We think that is when our music comes to its right elements.
Is it true that you haven´t signed a record contract yet? Please try to explain why?
It’s very easy: We haven’t found the right partners yet! 
You´ve played a tour in Germany not too long ago. Did you get good responses and do you have any plans on getting back down here soon?
We’ve had amazing responses in Germany and we really love going there!
We’re working with a booking agency called A.S.S Concerts and we’re in the process of booking the next tour this spring.
What´s the most important thing Hurricane Love wants to achieve within the next year?
One of our biggest goals right now is to get our music played on radio, but also to release new material and keep playing as much as we’ve done this year.
Name 3 things on your bucket list.
Play at Wembley
Tour all over the world
Travel to the Amazonas 
Name 3 songs that will stay with you for the rest of your life.
That’s just to hard!!!!!!!
Worst venue you´ve ever played in?
Toby’s computer got stolen and we could sleep for the whole night because of the techno party next to our bandapartment. It was a pain in the ass!
Name one nasty habit you can´t live without.
Biting my nails
Roxette or Europe?
Danke schoen!
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