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Destroy She Said: Down To Dirty

Destroy She Said
By Walter Price
There is certainly something righteous going on Down Under these days. Australia has always been a land that produces some of the best all-round rock acts in history, Rose Tattoo, AC/DC, Midnight Oil, Men At Work, Hoodoo Gurus and even Crowded House. Come On, What…
These days the tradition continues with a newer crop of right-on dirty wall of sound garage rockin’  groups set for world domination. Mammoth Mammoth, The Mercy Kills and now comes  Destroy She Said! 
Buckle Up!
DSS are straight outta Melbourne and saved all the foo foo frills for some other hack band and have come out swinging on their debut full-length album Down To Dirty. If an album title ever fit the contents within the packaging, it’s this one.
Dave, Youngy, Simon, Scampers & Greg are the real low-slung riffed deal with an expanding fan base and growing critical praise. Since this interview was conducted Classic Rock Magazine picked DSS as one of the 18 bands following in the grand footsteps/sounds of AC/DC. Not bad, matter of fact its spot on.   So if you like your Rock N’ Roll to have the ability to fully rattle your cerebral cortex, pick up Down To Dirty!
I had the chance to chat up Destroy She Said guitarist Youngy to get a bit more details about this band to watch. Here is our conversation…
Who is Destroy She Said and how did this straight-to-the-dirty-point rock outfit all get started?
Destroy She Said (Simon McCullough vocals Dave Walker guitar, Youngy Guitar, Scampers bass, Greg Aldridge drums) are a hard rock band from Melbourne Australia that formed in 2009.
I started shaping the songs with original bass player and long time friend Paul Seccull and a revolving door of drummers then with the inclusion of Simon Dave and Greg shit got real.
Your continent has a good history of rock n’ roll and this past couple years has seen a new surge of righteous sound, what’s going on down there?
I know what you mean it’s going off at the moment I guess coming from Australia our hard rock predecessors are never far from our thoughts it’s a cultural thing!
On your band bios there are comparisons to other grand Rawkers, are these the same bands that drove DSS to start up a band?
Not at all that sound just came out there were songs to play and to be honest i wasn’t sure what we were gonna sound like it’s just the sound of 5 guys doing what we love and molding into one.
I gather from your first full release ‘Down To Dirty’ that you guys must be hard working blue collar guys with a keen interest in keeping your music honest. What is it that goes into writing for you?
Honesty is where it is at for us totally people can spot a fake a mile away we definitely can.We write what we think works sometimes there is a bit of humor involved we don’t take our selves to seriously it rock n roll you know!
What trend in the music biz do think is killing it for the rest of the real acts out and about?
Bands that come from TV reality shows and manufactured ”supergroups” that buy their way onto tours they can suck the puss they wouldn’t  last 5 minutes in a room with us!
When can Europe expect to see you live and loud?
We are hanging to get over there you know but we have to see what falls onto the DSS table we are planning to record a follow up to Down To Dirty in Feb/ March next year so hopefully that will open some new doors for us in Europe.
Come on, don’t you think Mammoth Mammoth should have tapped you guys for their current tour?
Hah! Now that would have been a killer double bill we have played with those guys a few times down here they are a great bunch of guys. They signed a great deal with Napalm Records so I think the label would have organized the tour.
What is the one thing we need to know about Destroy She Said?
We are a grinding rock n roll machine that will not stop and our next album will not be Down To Dirty part 2. So get a room take a pill don’t be late!
Thanks for chatting with us and thanks for keeping your rock real!
Anytime and thanks for your support it’s only rock n roll but we like it in fact it’s all we know!
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