Be Something New
24. February 2023 By Walter Price 0

NEW! JULEZ and the ROLLERZ Be Something New

Julez and the Rolerz Be Something New is available on Bandcamp, Deezer, Spotify

Be Something New

by Walter Price

Mothers of reinvention, if you will, LA’s Julez & the Rollerz thrive in changing things up from single to single and their latest “Be Something New” is no exception. A lil bit power pop, soul-punk, and strewn with self-deprecating contemplation on the trials and tribulations of starting over—a new place, new avenues, and a NEW you! An exciting journey with plenty of exhilarating oh what the hell have I done realizations.

Julez and the Rollerz never shy away from taking on life’s complicated truths, often with a wink and smile to lighten the load, and inducing smiles while taking on the weight of emotional rollercoasters and mental health navigation is this band’s unequivocal superpower. So tighten up your sock game— you can stream their latest Renaissance of self-identity, here at the GTC.

“Be Someone New” is from the forthcoming Is This Where The Party Is? EP, expected on May 19th, 2023.

JULEZ and the ROLLERZ Be Something New

Band photo by Candace Whalen // Artwork, press blurb, and photo courtesy of Julez & the Rollerz

Recorded w/ Josiah Mazzaschi @ The Cave LA
Jules Batterman
Rachel David
Shea Carothers
Hannah Hughes
Emi Borja

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Originally started in 2017 as a solo project, Julez assembled her Rollerz after moving from New York City to LA in 2020, solidifying their all-femme lineup a year later. Consisting of Batterman, and currently Rachel David (bass/vocals), Shea Carothers (synth/vocals), Hannah Hughes (guitar/vocals) and Emi Borja (Drums), the band has a tight-knit, down-to-earth core. Onstage, they exude effortless swagger and charisma without sacrificing their relatability or commitment to having a killer time, making them local favorites. A growing force in the L.A. rock scene, Julez and The Rollerz are ready to rock your socks off.” – press/bio

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