Some Kind Of Quiet
23. February 2023 By Walter Price 0

ANDY ETC Some Kind of Quiet

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Some Kind Of Quiet

by Walter Price

The recent single “Some Kind Of Quiet” from songwriter ANDY ETC [Andreas Ringblom] could anchor 1000 Nora Ephron (RIP) rom-com soundtracks. A bone-crushingly sweet, if you will, crooner’s bedtime lullaby. Ringblom has described the song behind the viral sensation (video), “The song has some evergreen elements in its chord and melody choices, but at the same time, I’ve aimed for a modern lo-fi universe production-wise. In a James Blake-high-fives-Frank-Sinatra kind of way”.

In a sea of formulaic TikTok-inspired bedroom pop, it’s refreshing to hear a storied songwriter take a page or two from the classic pop balladeers and drop a true-to-the-core track born from the love and respect for a partner. “I’ve really missed writing those songs that come out when you stop thinking about who’s gonna buy the product and instead just follow your intuition and personal taste. When it no longer feels like work, but you sit at home and make the music because you love it!”, Ringblom shares.

Come on you hopeless romantics, dim the lights, and take ANDY ETC’s “Some Kind Of Quiet” for a heart-shaped spin, here at the GTC.

Some Kind of Quiet

Artist photo by Lærke Emilie // Photos, artwork, and quotes courtesy of Potato Head PR

Written and performed by ANDY ETC [Andreas Ringblom]

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I’ll break every bone in anyone that hurt you
I’ll do anything to let you know you’re safe
Lying still is not my favourite, but I’ll learn to
So I can hold you
till we wake

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