Nicholas Jamerson
22. February 2023 By Walter Price 0

…boy could always fly, NICHOLAS JAMERSON Holler Child

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Nicholas Jamerson

by Walter Price

“Ready?”— The recent stripped-down narrative single “Holler Child” by Kentucky singer-songwriter Nicholas Jamerson has plenty of DNA of hallowed releases from Jerry Jeff Walker, Nelson, and Billy Joe Shaver sewn into it. While Jemerson is new to me, his chosen format to convey his tales is not. Passing along memories in the grand tradition of the origins of folk-turned-country music is a sacred art and this songwriter takes it and brings the modern world into the fold whilst keeping history at hand.

In “Holler Child” he paints a poignant picture of a young soul getting by the best way he knows how. Dirt bikes, swifter than most 13 yr olds, as footloose (or perhaps just not givin’ a shit) as any country kid, will attest. A truncated existence that left indelible marks on all who crossed his journey. I get the sense that this young fella was someone real, but if not—he’s real enough from this song forward.

You can stream the life lived “Holler Child”, here at the GTC.


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Written and Performed by Nicholas Jamerson

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In the last ten years or so Nicholas Jamerson has put together a catalogue that reaches across broad spectrums in both substance and style. The eastern Kentucky native has endeared himself to fans in the region and beyond as a founding member of the duo, Sundy Best. In recent years Nicholas performed extensively solo and with his band The Morning Jays.” – bio

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