Kelsey Waldon
21. February 2023 By Walter Price 0

…Oh mama, KELSEY WALDON Backwater Blues (single)

Kelsey Waldon Backwater Blues (No Regular Dog, LP) is available on Oh Boy Records, Tidal, Deezer

Kelsey Waldon

by Walter Price

Folks have debated what makes an actual country song ever since Al Dexter’s “Pistol Packin’ Mama” topped the Billboard charts back in the early 1940s. Longing for those tangible story songs told on back porches of the Appalachian Mountains, but alas the only true way to know a ‘real’ country song is to hear it. For example, the recent spellbinding single “Backwater Blues” by the one-of-a-kind Kelsey Waldon.

From the phenomenally authentic Shooter Jennings-produced “No Regular Dog” LP and dedicated to the resilience of Kentuckians, this a journey in song. Heartbreaking and empowering, Backwater Blues is a study of perseverance. Not only in its indelible American experience storyline but in the grand ol’ tradition of passing on tales of where a people came from and where they may find themselves via song.

So, at the next get-together and some so and so goes on about what real country music is, dial-up Kelsey Waldon’s “No Regular Dog” and/or its scenic single “Backwater Blues” and the question will be put to rest.

KELSEY WALDON Backwater Blues

Artist photo by Alysse Gafkjen Photography

Backwater Blues
Kelsey Waldon: Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
Aubrey Richmond: Fiddle
Doug Pettibone : Dobro, Mandolin
Herb Pedersen: Banjo
Brett Resnick: Pedal Steel
Alec Newnam: Electric Bass
Nate Felty: Drums
Kristen Rogers: Background Vocals

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You wouldn’t know mother nature’s power
If she never made a sound
I can’t be too proud, she’s got me cryin’ out loud
Oh mama, seems like the water’s been 10 feet high And I just don’t understand why it makes me cry
If I can keep it together until the spring
When that damn river runs dry
I’ll count my blessings, just like the stars
That are in the sky

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