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busco manera de escapa, VIDEO/SINGLE: FEA – “Ya Se” [Jenn Alva, director]

Fea – Ya Se is available via Blackheart Records.


by Walter Price

In just a few short years, the devout fanbase of San Antonio’s Fea has grown into a mighty likeminded movement. Deep-diving the comments on the band’s social media, you’ll find a wide swath of devotees that can not and will not be pigeonholed. Most walks of life represented in this progressive crew of everyday folk who need an escape, seek and thrive in empowerment and has an undeniable need to rock n roll.

And the band’s new single “Ya Se” [“Already”] will no doubt cement their powers as a punk rock band that has something palpable to say. This go-round, this track is the all too real rat race situations many of us find ourselves in, all work and no play make us dull girls and boys. Monotony filled cycles just waiting for some sort of break…even if it’s just for a brief moment of going for broke, throwing caution to the wind…

Ya no me quedan muchas opciones no tengo nada que empeñar
[I have no more options, I have nothing to pawn anymore]
Me faltan horas no tengo tiempo y se me olvida respirar
[I have hours left, I don’t have time, and I forget to breathe]
Pues ya nimodo asi es la vida como me gusta batallar
[Well either way, that’s life, how I like to struggle]
Justifico me voy de compras busco manera de escapar
[I justify, I go shopping, I look for a way to escape]

The video, directed by the band’s Jenn Alva, sets the lyrics in motion. Hard-working individuals, doing all the sweaty backbreaking work while the man kicks back waiting not to pay you your worth…might as well take a smoke break, dig out the boss’s secret hooch stash in a momentary take this job and shove it protest.

“Ya Se” is from the forthcoming album, ‘NO NOVELTIES’, expected 15 November.


Artist photo via Blackheart Records / Article artwork by @tattooedboy123 via Facebook

VIDEO directed by Jenn Alva

Shot by Hector Bojorquez
Edited by Caroline Jaecks

Joe Richards
Chris the Barber
Jake Hilderbrand
The Rolling Wrench
Colby Medina

VOCALS: Letty Fea
GUITAR: Sofi Fea
BASS: Jenn Fea
DRUMS: Phanie Fea


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