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Three New Weird America Reasons Why CocoRosie

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by Walter Price


With a mix of electronica, hip hop, performance art, and avant-garde poetry wrapped in hints of folk and quirky pop and playful instrumentation, CocoRosie is beautifully eclectic. Founded by sisters Sierra “Rosie” and Bianca “Coco” Casady in Paris circa 2010, this far out American duo certainly cannot be pigeonholed but if you must, think of them as a concoction of Lykke Li, Rapsody, Beck, Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir, and Björk. But these comparisons do not really give justice to the sounds this outfit is laying out. At times tackling untouchable subjects adding weight to their unique sonic atmospheres.  But, honestly, you’ll have to listen and find a way to describe these tantalizing sounds for yourself. To help you out, I’ve picked three of my favorite tracks to get you started (in no particular order).



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After The Afterlife


Child Bride


Director, Producer & Editor: Emma Freeman

Producers: Leanne Tonkes, David Leadbetter
Cinematographer: John Brawley
Production Design: Tim Burgin
Stylist: John Ibrahim
Costume Design: Emman Debattista
Make Up & Hair Stylist: Claire Leighton
Camera Assistant: Grant Sweetnam
Data Wrangler: Ben McCullough
Gaffer: Adam Hunt
Grip: Mark Hanneysee
Art Department Assistant: Alisa Luxford
Director’s Assistant: Jackie Fazekas
Production Assistant: Oliver Tummel

Child Bride: Imogen Verrocchi
Husband: Jasper Bagg
Mother: Alice Chaston
Father: George Zach
Ceremony: Russell Petherbridge, Joan Mackenzie, Warren Holster, James Sandri


Lost Girls


Directed by: Sepia
Produced by: Tito Ortiz Basualdo, Macs Abente
Lost girls: Maiana Vega, Camila Rodriguez
DOP: Brian Kazez (day 1), Eric Elizondo (days 2 & 3)
Camera: Brian Kazez, Eric Elizondo, Sepia
1st Assistant Director: Santi Ruffa
Actors: Sierra Casady, Bianca Casady, Quique Ruete, Guille Berthold, The lost girls
In collaboration with Indie Folks
Art Director: Dave Maruchniak
Wardrobe Artist: Rigoberta del Tesouro
Makeup Artist: Florencia Grosso
Edited by: Sepia
Editor consultant: Fede Peretti
Color by: Ricky Tripicchio
Foquist: Seba Godoy (day 1), Seba Bravo Almonacid (days 2 & 3)
2nd Assistant Director: Sofi Tau (day 1)
Gaffer & Electric: Fran de Santis
Runner: Quique Ruete
Catering: Pablo Friedman, Tasty Time
Stills Photography: Pato Colombo


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