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15. October 2019 By Walter Price 0

Somethings in the air, SINGLE(s): NATALIE McCOOL – “Someone Nue” [studio + piano]

Natalie McCool – Someone Nue is available @ Apple Music.

by Walter Price

Every once in awhile in the current vast sea of formulaic pop-songs something brilliantly unique comes to shore. Liverpool’s top vocal talent Natalie McCool has released a dynamite new single, “Someone Neu”, and it has distinct powers that largely lie in its phrasing. On this track, McCool, a star songwriter, shines with both her vocal dexterity and poetic prowess.

Reminiscent of how Morrissey, Sigrid, and PJ Harvey can make any combination of words sound melodic, McCool utilizes skills that go way back to when folk and blues were laying the foundations for rock and pop to exist. More emphasis on telling the story earnestly rather than trying to concoct a sing-song nursery rhyme.

I can make it run through denial
Push through the fear to the other side
I can face it
Now I realise there’s none of my universe in your eyes

Somethings in the air and I

I wanna be with someone new

“Someone Nue” comes in two addictive versions. The studio version, produced by McCool w/ Future Humans, and the ‘live piano version’ mixed by Biff Roxby. You can check out both below. And McCool’s songwriting/performing talents aren’t limited to this single, take a deep dive into her catalog @ Spotify.


Produced and mixed by Natalie McCool
Additional mix & production by Future Humans
Mastered by Organised Rhyme
Recorded & mixed by Biff Roxby at The Wood Rooms, Manchester
Mastered by Organised Rhyme

Natalie McCool

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