Bendigo Fletcher
14. October 2019 By Walter Price 0

Burning brighter, SINGLE: BENDIGO FLETCHER – “Solar Eclipse 08/21/17” [Memory Fever EP]

Bendigo Fletcher – Memory Fever EP is available @ Apple Music.

Bendigo Fletcher

by Walter Price

Beautiful melodies, harmonies, wordsmithery, and oodles of heartfelt sentimental texture to fill a million late-night drives, Kentucky’s Bendigo Fletcher’s latest release, ‘Memory Fever’, is depths worth getting lost in. And there is really no better gateway song than the center track, “Solar Eclipse 08/21/17”.

Solar eclipses are said to have a huge influence on human/animal behavior. And songwriter Ryan Anderson is not immune. Hearing this song, you get the sense that while witnessing an awe-inspiring astronomical happening, the storyteller found some kind of inner balance while he reflected on what has been and looked to what lied ahead. A new revelatory sense of self, integrated into a new life path. And, as you know, time keeps on slippin’…

The delicate strength and allure of this single and the EP as a whole will be familiar territory for fans of My Morning Jacket, Band of Horses, Iron & Wine and the like. And, according to the band’s Bandcamp page, the proceeds from the sale of this release will go to benefit the Natural Lands Trust: So much winning…


Ryan Anderson / Andrew Shupert / Chris Weis / Conner Powell / Evan Wagner

All songs written by Ryan Anderson
& performed by Bendigo Fletcher
Recorded at Shangri-la Productions / Springhurst Studios / Thundersound Studios / & Last Horizon Audio
Mixed by Duane Lundy at Shangri-la Productions
Mastered by Mystery Room Mastering
Additional Arrangements on all tracks but ‘Last one out of the water’ by Rayland Baxter
Synths by Mr. Jimmy Rowland
Keys on Jackrabbit by Will Brown
Violin on Chocolate Garden and Woozy Parade by Sarah Brower
Bass on AMF by Josh Harshbarger
Cover art by Colin Mong
Cover artwork edited by Sarah Gillum

Bendigo Fletcher

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