sonic youth Dirty
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In Her Own Words: bed. Musician SIERRA HAAGER on SONIC YOUTH’s “Dirty”

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“When I was 14 or 15 I picked up Sonic Youth’s Dirty at Amoeba in Berkeley. While I could never choose an ultimate favorite among my top five Sonic Youth albums, Dirty was the one I got first and, therefore, the one that blew my mind the hardest. Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore express anger and idealism without the mollifying comfort of 1-4-5 punk, calling out Bush Sr. as a war pig fuck and the culture of passively accepted sexual harassment and abuse in the music industry.

“And then there are the guitars. While Dirty has fewer of the full-blown guitar noise insanity interludes that are found on other Sonic Youth albums, it provides the untrained ear just the right amount of chaos to get you truly hooked. I often think that I’d love it if Sonic Youth’s discography were also available without vocals so I could listen and focus on the guitars.

“Hearing Kim Gordon sing for the first time changed my life. She uses her voice to sound more naked than naked. More real than real. It almost makes the listener feel embarrassed to be listening. For years I’ve gone back and forth between loving and being irritated by her songs, probably because she projects such unhinged intensity. As I get older, I feel like I understand her differently. I feel grateful for her power and her rage, which I see as one of the only truly sane reactions to a world in which the role of a woman is one of shame, frustration, and debasement.” – Sierra Haager


Produced by Sonic Youth & Butch Vig

Produced, engineered and mixed by Larry Crane at Jackpot! in Portland.

The quote comes from the GTC article 5 Albums That Shaped Musician / Indie Entrepreneur Sierra Haager

sonic youth Dirty

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