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17 October 2019 and RRAR Music Blog has fresh tracks!

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Tracks by Blackwater Holylight, Cavalcade, and Fruit Tones!!!

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17 October 2019
photo: @get.filthy

by Maria Haskins

Blackwater Holylight is a rock band based in Portland, Oregon, and in their bio, they describe their music as “heavypsych”, and listening to them, you will get a dose of some seriously heavy, vibey, and deliciously trippy sounds.

“Sunrise” is taken from the band’s self-titled 2018 release (available via Bandcamp), and they also have a brand new release called “Veils of Winter” coming on October 11th (also available via Bandcamp). 

More about the band from Riding Easy Records:

The notion of “heavy music” is continuing to expand of late, with many intrepid artists finding new ways to incorporate the power of traditional metal into new music, but without all of its trappings. Enter Portland, OR quartet BlackWater HolyLight to further swirl musical elements into a captivating hybrid of emotional intensity. Heavy psych riffs, gothic drama, folk-rock vibes, garage-sludge and soaring melodies all collide into a satisfying whole with as much contrast as the band’s name itself.

“I wanted to experiment with my own version of what felt ‘heavy’ both sonically and emotionally,” says founder and vocalist/bassist Allison Faris. “I also wanted a band in which vulnerability of any form could be celebrated.” BlackWater HolyLight — Faris, guitarist/vocalist Laura Hopkins, drummer Cat Hoch and synth player Sarah Mckenna — formed upon the breakup of Faris’ longtime band and she sought a fresh start. “In my last band I was the only female in a group of 6, so I wanted to see how my song writing and vulnerability could glow taking the driver’s seat and working with women.”

“- The band expertly, yet subconsciously, incorporates hints of Chelsea Wolfe, Celebration, Captain Beefheart, The Raincoats, The Stooges, Pink Floyd, Jane’s Addiction and more to form their unique brand of dark’n’heavy transcendence.”

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CAVALCADE – Blueness is a Heavy Stone

photo: facebook

by Maria Savva

I first found out about Cavalcade at the Camden Rocks Festival a couple of years ago and have been a big fan of the band ever since. They consistently produce excellent music and bring a lot of energy and passion to their live shows. Cavalcade have recently signed a record deal with These Bloody Thieves Records.

Their latest single, “Blueness is a Heavy Stone”, released last week, is an awesome and addictive indie rock song that tackles the subject of mental health. Connor Duggan (vocals/rhythm) and Jack Campbell (lead guitar) were interviewed by Vent about their music. Check it out here.

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FRUIT TONES – I Know Where Love Comes From

photo: facebook

by Neil Schiller

So the thing I like about punk music is it comes in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes you can’t really tell where the overlaps are between punk and garage rock, punk and hard rock, punk, and alt-rock. Fruit Tones, it seems to me, are on that edge that the early punk bands straddled, certainly in the US, where ’60’s British Invasion melodies meet scuzzy basement guitar parts played fast and loose through a ton of distortion and reverb.

The band are from Manchester in the UK and the track is from their album Natural Selection. It’s just bloody good fun I think. There’s something haphazardly joyous about it, and in an uncertain world, that’s no bad thing. It’s the kind of music you can just put on, switch off and dance very badly to. Lovely stuff. And as always, respect to anyone who’s brave enough to carry a mustache in a rock band. That takes commitment.

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Track Picks [ 17 October 2019 ]

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