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18. October 2019 By Walter Price 0

Wake up feeling empty, WKND SPIN: POM POM SQUAD – “Heavy Heavy” [Ow EP]

Pom Pom Squad – Ow is available @ Apple Music.

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by Walter Price

Bare with me, there may be some indie rock n’ roll exuberance ahead… Just imagine if J Mascis, Kim Gordon, and A.C. Marias convened and decided it best that their arts’ legacies should be carried into the future by someone eclectically innovative and authentic. Perhaps someone who can mesh a myriad of sounds, harsh yet tactile realities, and delve headlong into unconventional to produce one of this year’s most diverse and breathtaking releases?

Enter the Brooklyn outfit Pom Pom Squad and their sucker-punch EP, ‘Ow’, is hands-down an indie masterstroke. An unpredictable set, with a curiosity, noise arrangement, and kick in the gut seeping (at times charging) from every nook and cranny. Songwriter/vocalist/quiet grrrl punk Mia Berrin isn’t to be pigeonholed, but if you’re a fan of what Frankie Cosmos, Maija Sofia, King Princess are doing, then this band and their phenom EP are for you.

To get you started, buckle-up and check out “Heavy Heavy”, and add it or whatever your fave track from ‘Ow’ is to your weekend playlist. We have, at the GTC WKND SPIN.

P P S – Heavy Heavy

Written by Mia Berrin

Guitar/Vocals: Mia Berrin
Lead Guitar: Alex Mercuri
Bass: Mari Ale Figeman
Drums: Shelby Keller

Lead Guitar and Bass on “Cherry Blossom”: Tommy Ordway

Violin on “Ow Intro” and “Owtro”: Jackie Green

Produced by Tommy Ordway and Pom Pom Squad
Engineered by Tommy Ordway
Mixed by Petey Mix
Mastered by Rachel Lightner

I wake up feeling empty
Empty out the shit that’s in my brain
I press my head against the shower wall
And watch it all drip down the drain

Pom Pom Squad

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