Elephant in the room
23. August 2019 By Walter Price 0

Never put out the fire, WKND SPIN: THE SOAPGIRLS – “One Way Street” (Elephant in the Room LP)

The SoapGirls – Elephant in the Room is available @ Bandcamp.

Elephant in the Room

by Walter Price

Relationships and/or friendships can be as beautiful and addictive as they are volatile and onesided. When the anxiety and uncertainty get too much, sometimes, a killer Rock n’ Roll song is born. From their recent double LP, ‘Elephant in the Room’, The SoapGirls’ [Camille and Noemie Debray] “One Way Street” is not only a lyric heavy expression of things toxic, its a gnarly thumpin’ track at the crossroads of 90s era melodic alt-rock and punk attitude.

Say what you say say what you mean yeah you don’t say you say everything 
I’ve been down a one way street baby yeah yeah 
take what you want it’s all you’ll ever have pushed way too hard there’s no turning back 
Paint all your scars it’s easy to see tried way too hard couldn’t break me yeahhhh 

Take the track, and the double album, for a spin or several and add it to your weekend playlist, We have, at the GTC WKND SPIN.


Written & Produced by Camille Debray and Noemie Debray

Elephant in the room

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