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Justin Townes Earle

“Nothing’s Gonna Change the Way
You Feel About Me Now”

By Walter Price

Have you had the opportunity to listen to  singer, composer,songwriter, producer, board-game player, Chicago Cubs fanatic and (not as important) son of Steve … Justin Townes Earle?

This ever changing artists has been build a great career for the past six years doing music he seems interesting and is one act that truly wants to master whatever genre he is tackling next. No fast bucks man of the music here. No sir!

Blues, country, folk, rock and so on, Earle has the knack or the eagerness to put his spin on the world’s more interesting musical styles. 

“Those who’ve followed Earle’s growth since releasing his debut EP Yuma in 2007 won’t be surprised he’s shooting off in another direction. For an artist whose list of influences runs the gamut from Randy Newman to Woody Guthrie, Chet Baker to the Replacements, and Phil Ochs to Bruce Springsteen, categories are useless.” – From JTE’s Official Bio

I have had a budding interest in JTE since I caught him on an interview show about a year ago. (OPINION ALERT!) My problem is that he came off as a real huge arrogant a-hole although his music was a real ear-treat. Sometimes I just get turned off by an artists who is of the grandiose opinion they are changing the world with their craft. It is our jobs, the fans or audience, to decide how important an artist is and/or will be. (Maybe I’m wrong…)

What I didn’t know, and why one shouldn’t judge swiftly, is that Justin Townes Earle has had some personal battles to contend with at his young age and has turned those bastards out. Focusing more on his art and probably will be one of the more important voices of his generation…Only time really knows.

Anyhoo, I recently discovered an interview Justin did a short time ago and found it a real delight. I broke open the music collection and started another exploration into this gem of a man and performer.

Please check out the interview JTE gave to Matt Wake with AllAlabama.com back in April. He covers a lot of topics in a few great questions. Click HERE!

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