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19. August 2020 By Walter Price 0

…the nightmare of your dreams, SINGLE: HOLIDAY SIDEWINDER – Lazy GF [Coco Morier, producer]

Holiday Sidewinder – Lazy GF is available at Bandcamp.

Lazy GF

by Walter Price

While the world rages, purveyor of retro-flavored pop (and devotee to the #FreeBritney movement), Holiday Sidewinder, drops another tantalizing banger, “Lazy GF”, to soothe things a bit. Now, some could say that Sidewinder is downright risqué when it comes to penning her deeply personal-based wares. Maybe so, but what she’s really doing is empowering her self and ultimately, all who listen. As I assume that this new pleasure-seeking single is about not being pinned down nor fully conforming to all the wills of an attraction. Expressed in verse and vibe that the likes of Prince and Cyndi Lauper would be proud of.

I’m a make you treat me like a Queen,
a real Ritch Bitch from a high-class scene,
be the nightmare of your dreams,
I just wanna be your Lazy Girlfriend
I could show up I really could,
I used to be good but TBH, I CBF anymore,
I just wanna be your Lazy GF

So, if you’re a fan of being in control of who you are, then add this one to your treat-me-like-a-Queen playlist. You can stream “Lazy GF” as well as watch the film for the near-classic “Casino”.


+ Casino, the film

Artist photo via Facebook

Writers: Holiday Sidewinder + Coco Morier
Production + Recording: Coco Morier
Mix Engineer: Darrell Thorp
Mastering: Masters of Audio

Directed by Holiday Sidewinder in Las Vegas, Nevada
Edited by Sami Sweeting

lazy gf

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You can whip me up a 4-course meal, run the bath then take off my heels.
You can be my private driver, open/close doors then take the wheel,
You can give me 2-hour head while I watch Murder She Wrote in bed then
You can teach me to shred
You can light the candles, dust off the mantle,
I’ll be hitting up Tommy or Brad if you cancel

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