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I feel nothing at all, SINGLE/VIDEO: CAT SFX – Doom Generation

Cat SFX – Doom Generation is available at Apple Music.

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by Walter Price

The recent release from emerging sub-post-punk purveyor Cat SFX is a scathing look at the current condition our conditions are in. In a sonic concoction someplace between Television, The Prentders, and the Rich Girls this personal song reflects the induced mind-melt our society is experiencing. As the songwriter shares, “Doom Generation is a commentary on my personal experiences of mental health issues, big pharmaceutical companies and their “cures”; the massive pressure that’s put on my generation by social media and a reality TV culture that dislocates us from our feelings.”

So, if you like your tracks soundtrack ready, churning, aware, and that they actually say something tactile….then, add this one to your fuck-yeah playlists.


Artist photo courtesy of Sonic PR

co-writer – Gordon Mills

What Year Is This? Productions
Animation by Angus Slade
Editing by Madinka
Joker Footage by Alun Davies

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Delivered at motorik pace, ‘Doom Generation’ is an insuppressible joyride of hurtling guitars and zany synthesizers that strike somewhere between the spheres of X-Ray Spex and Garbage.” – via bio

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