Amy Ellen
18. November 2019 By Walter Price 0

Love we made…DEBUT SINGLE: AMY ELLEN – “My Heart” [+ live Gust Sessions]

Amy Ellen – My Heart is available @ Spotify.

Amy Ellen

by Walter Price

If you’re a fan of the sounds of Kacey Musgraves, Ben Gibbard and/or Jenny Lewis, there’s a brand new voice that’s about to soothe your soul. Dublin singer-songwriter Amy Ellen [Murphy] just dropped her debut single “My Heart”, and there are a couple of quick things you should know.

First, Ellen’s love done gone first single is a well-produced and meticulously structured pop song. Which is a departure from many current up-and-coming artists. While haphazard productions can be exciting in their own right, there is something special when a newer performer takes the time and steps to find their own career-building perfection.

Second, a lot of Ellen’s PR mentions her sound as a mix of pop, folk, and rock, which is true. But to be fair or more precise, this initial track really finds its footings in indie-pop-rock. Reminiscent of a more polished around the edges early version of the before mentioned Jenny Lewis’ Rilo Kiley (an outfit her PR also rightfully mentions) with obvious hints of the songwriting weight of Neko Case.

“My Heart” is the first single from a forthcoming EP, expected in 2020. Hear the track below and watch a special live Gust Sessions performance as well.


Produced by Axel McDonald
Recorded at Tsunami Studios
Mixing/mastering by Danny Bochkov

Video shot and edited by Tom Lee @ Displace Studios
Mixed and edited by Gust Sessions Team

Artist photo by Maiden Moose Photography

Amy Ellen

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