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13. August 2020 By Walter Price 0

Stay Near Me, SINGLE: OPUS ORANGE – The Lucky Ones [+ A film by Xuan]

Opus Orange – miles from nowhere LP is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music.

The recent single, “The Lucky Ones”, from Opus Orange [Paul Bessenbacher] is a sympathetic lament on loneliness in a turbulent world and the need for togetherness. Which, as you look out of your window, is more than fitting in these confusing times. Here’s the twisty part, this eloquent track was released a month before the pandemic and subsequent chaoses. The mind of a brilliant songwriter never ceases to amaze.

The world is caving in now
Collapsing upon itself
Stay near me
We don’t need anything else

Change the locks on the door
Stay in awhile more
Change the numbers on our phones
They’ll leave us all alone
Shut everything down
Silence all around
Kick the noise out of our heads

And to add to the song’s delicate beauty is the accompanying film by XUAN. The renowned visual artist has chaptered out the verses in layered mixed media to striking effect. It really is one of the best, if not complex, music films of 2020 and you can witness it now at GTC.

“The Lucky Ones” is from the 8 track LP, ‘miles from nowhere’, available now on most platforms.


Artist photo courtesy of Emoto Music

Film by XUAN

Katie Hampton – Synths, Vox
Matt Pool – Drums
PB – Acoustic Guitar, Vox
Carlen Walth – Bass
Bernie Chadwick – Elec Guitar
Alex Strahle – Elec Guitar
Will Hampton – Recording/mixing Engineer
Margaret Luthar – Mastering Engineer

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Formed in 2010, the Santa Monica band has morphed to include a collective of members, with Paul Bessenbacher (PB) at the helm. PB’s multi-faceted music taste is reflected in the band’s constant evolution of their sonic palette with every release.” – bio

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