Alléz Alléz La Vie Est Une Chanson
14. August 2020 By Walter Price 0

GTC VIDEO PREMIER: Mårten Lärka – La Vie Est Une Chanson

Mårten Lärka – Alléz, Alléz LP feat. La Vie Est Une Chanson is available at Bandcamp.

La Vie Est Une Chanson

by Walter Price

Mårten Lärka returns with a lively brand new single, “La Vie Est Une Chanson” [Life Is A Song] from his playfully insightful and cinematic LP, ‘Alléz, Alléz’. And the new video, being premiered here at GTC, is a stripped-down at home black and white gem. Filmed by Martin Hellquist, it features the charismatic songwriter up close and personal as he delivers his jovial verses with cameos by more guitars than usual.

The poet explains the Marcel Marceau reminiscent video, “La Vie Est Une Chanson” was written in five minutes while waiting on a friend, for exactly a year ago. The next day drummer Martin Hellquist came for the recording of “You’re Gonna Sing My Songs” (another track that got a wonderful review at GTC). Suddenly we had “La Vie Est Une Chanson” on tape as well. Martin added the bass and the Casiotone synth. While listening to the playback I realized it was one of the best recordings I´ve ever been involved with, so far…

“Last week, a year later, me and Martin ran around and around in a room for an hour. Martin with the camera and me miming the song and switching the guitars. Two days later the video was edited and done.

“To me, it looks a bit like (or if it is my own wish?) the Swedish artist Niels Jensen is trying to do a Slade music video or otherwise?

“We also have a competition! How many guitars are in use for this music video? The winner will win something very special, of course…”

You can now watch the DIY video, now at Global Texan, below.

Mårten Lärka

Artist photo via Facebook

Video production by Martin Hellquist and Båpa, August 2nd – 4th 2020

Release: August 14th, 2020
Distribution: The Orchard/Phonofile

Produced by The Banana Boys
Recorded at Henhouse Studio.
Mixed by Caroline Wickberg at Welfare Loftet Turqouise
Mastered by Frida Claeson Johansson at Svenska Grammofonstudion

Mårten Lärka: vocals, guitar.
Martin Hellquist: drums, bass, casiotone

Alléz Alléz La Vie Est Une Chanson

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While listening to the playback I realized it was one of the best recordings I’ve ever been involved with, so far…” – Mårten Lärka

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