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15. August 2020 By Walter Price 0

An Ode to Poe, SINGLE: AWSDOFTR – Deep In Earth

And We Should Die Of That Roar – Deep In Earth is available at Apple Music, Spotify.

deep in earth

by Walter Price

AWSDOTR hasn’t let much time slip by since its last release as they drop another stunning single from the much anticipated forthcoming LP, ‘Deathbed Lullabies’. And, here again, Hardy Hum’s compositions never cease to amaze. Deep In Earth, an ode to Edgar Alan Poe, with its creaky and shadowy twists, may just scare the bejesus out of folks… in a good way, of course. As this one takes several listens to begin to capture its complexities, audible surprises, and its true emotional meaning. Tom Waits beware.

Hum is quoted, “Deep in earth my love is lying, and I must weep alone”, is a poem penned by Edgar Alan Poe more than a century ago. This single is an ode to this line – a line which, at first glance, might seem obvious and dull but which, at a closer look, reveals an intricate weave of human emotions entangled in our close relations. To me, this poem stands out as the ultimate. portrait of loss of someone close. It is a monument of true love built on mutuality and sharing and it teaches us that losing a loved one is much more than merely absence of one person in our lives. It changes everything, forever.”

And, now, you can stream Deep In Earth and the recent I’d Rather Be Dead at the GTC.


+ I’d Rather Be Dead

Artist photo via Facebook

Recorded in Old Cuntry Road Studio, Sweden
Recording, mixing, production: Hardy Hum
Lyrics & music. Hardy Hum
Guitars, drums, bass, vocals: Hardy Hum
Master: Kevin McNoldy courtesy of Cphonic Mastering
Artwork: Igor Gruda courtesy of Grafotopia

deep in earth

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Deep in earth my love lies still
And I must weep alone
No more promises to keep
I must weep alone
If I make your grave my bed
Then I could get some sleep

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