Seal Party MMXXII
11. August 2022 By Walter Price 2

the extraordinary world of SEAL PARTY MMXXII

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Seal Party MMXXII

by Walter Price

Free of hyperbole, it’s more than fair to introduce San Francisco duo [Kevin Seal and Chris McGrew] Seal Party’s vast LP, MMXXII, as one of the most extraordinary experiences any musicophile will have. Chockful of blends of soul, psych, rock, post-punk, R&B, and many more stops along the way, these 16-tracks move far beyond any amount of pigeonholing the casual listener can offer up.

Fans of Hall & Oates, Oingo Boingo, Steely Dan, Meatloaf and Warren Zevon will find something to sink their ears into on this unpredictable album. Each nuanced track offers up something new, twisty and eclectic. At times one will wonder how they made all these standalone numbers so cohesive. Maybe it’s the meticulous production, or perhaps it’s the expansive list of top-notch players they’ve recruited for the project, one could claim its the vibe of the Hyde Street Studios intertwined within…or, if we’re being honest, it’s simply all of the above.

While MMXXII is an album to be experienced with headphones on while laying on the living room floor, let me suggest a few gateway tracks. Start at the start with the soulful opener “Turputine”, the smokey 70s R&B of “Jimmy Just Clams Up”, where did this come from “Dedication” feat. Xannubis, the almost XTC “Juvie”, and last but not least, the feels like a rock opera chapter, “The Fire Escape”. But, again, this LP should be heard from top to bottom. So plan your evening accordingly.

There’s an absolute sense of love for storytelling, musicianship, and community throughout MMXXII and you can experience it in full, here at the GTC.


Band photo and bio quote via Bandcamp

‘MMXXII’ is a 16-song debut recorded at Wally’s HydeOut in Hyde Street Studios – in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, CA, USA.

Written & produced by Chris McGrew & Kevin Seal

(except song 1, written by Xifer Fortier, Chris McGrew, & Kevin Seal; song 10, written by Xanubis, Chris McGrew, & Kevin Seal; song 12, written by Keyon Harrold, Kenneth Whalum, Chris McGrew, and Kevin Seal)

Recorded by Liam Wesley Craddock & Chris McGrew
Mixed by Jaimeson Durr & Chris McGrew
Mastered by Justin Weis
Special thanks to the HydeOut studio team:
Scott McDowell, RoAn Gibson, Jaimeson Durr
X Racer photography and graphics:
Liam Berry, Maryzelle Ungo, Shealin Ritter
Single Release Art by Serena Di Pinto
Album Art & Design by Tony Calzaretta

(for full credits)

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Bay Area-based session musicians Kevin Seal and Chris McGrew saw an opportunity for a new beginning in 2022. With help from studio ace Liam Craddock and their community of talented friends, Seal Party brings together a swirl of soulful, psychedelic sounds at the historic Hyde Street Studios.”

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