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…eyes black as night, BLACK NEEDLE NOISE Have THE BLACK CROWES covered

Black Needle Noise – She Talks to Angels is available at Bandcamp, Apple Music.

Black Needle Noise

by Walter Price

Legendary producer/musician John Fryer has left his mark on many lives, such as mine, over the years. With his seminal work with This Mortal Coil or Cocteau Twins or perhaps his behind the knobs contributions to the sounds of celebrated acts such as Love and Rockets, Depeche Mode, H.I.M., Nine Inch Nails…to name just a handful. Fryer, whether you knew it or not, is an unsung hero that’s been soundtracking our memories for some time now.

This is now and Fryer is back in the spotlight with his Black Needle Noise project and from its highly anticipated forthcoming covers album, “These Mortal Covers”, Fryer teams up with Anjela Piccard to give The Black Crowes’ 1990 hit, “She Talks to Angels”, a whole new direction. This interpretation is a cinematic take moving more towards Big Easy noir than the original’s Georgia blues route. While the composition leans on goth with nods to industrial, Piccard’s voice blends in the hauntingly ethereal. And without a doubt, this track will go down as one of 2020s most deliberate and stunning song reimaginings.

If you’re a fan of the beautifully abstract, the shadowy worlds of a mad genius and/or all the indelible work Fryer has given us over the decades…then add this one to your thrive-in-the-dark playlist.


+The Black Crowes

BNN feat. Anjela Piccard photo by Candice Ghai

Vocals by Anjela Piccard
Music by John Fryer
Song written by Christopher Mark Robinson / Rich S. Robinson.
Cover Photograph by Martha Schuster with supermodElle.

She Talks to Angels from Shake Your Money Maker (1990)
George Drakoulias – Producer
Jeff Cease – guitar
Johnny Colt – bass guitar
Steve Gorman – drums
Chris Robinson – vocals
Rich Robinson – guitar

black needle noise

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There are moments in this life that are both catastrophic and quite triumphant. The intention in recording this song is one of reflection and understanding. At some point, we all can find ourselves in total relation to the lyrics and the instrumental flow of the track.” – A. Piccard

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