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24. August 2020 By Walter Price 0

…some crazy kinda electricity, SINGLE: SUGAR FITZ – Skin Sparks [Alex Dezen, producer]

Sugar Fitz – Skin Sparks is available at Spotify, Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

It won’t matter where your favoritism lies, Breeders, Skating Polly, and/or Veruca Salt…Nashville’s Sugar Fitz has a debut single that’ll move you. “Skin Sparks” is full of summertime sass as it relives those indelible sensitizations of a touch, a kiss from a crush. Those carefree moments of chills, the sort that are eagerly multiplying… And we’ve all been there and it transcends all time and space as those moments are so perfect it leaves smile stains all over our memory banks.

People get jealous when they see you touching me
You got some crazy kinda electricity
You’re a freshly opened soda pop
My lips tingle after every drop
You’re the voltage that’s been charging my heart
And all I want is your

Skin Sparks

So, if you really love that unforgettable feeling of anticipated static electricity, then add this one onto your you-drive-me-crazy playlist. And you can stream this track’s eternal bounce, now at GTC.


Band photo by Andrea Cothern via Poor Man Records

Written by Brianna Sage & Carrie Welling
Produced by Alex Dezen
Mastered Whynot Jansveld
Video Edited by Jeanie’s Boy Productions

sugar fitz

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Sequins, lightning, fancy shoes, a disco ball,” the duo sings on their first single “Skin Sparks,” muscling their punk-garage-glam-pop into existence like a tattooed rabbit from a diamond-studded hat.” – fb bio

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