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18. November 2020 By Walter Price 0

PLAY IT AGAIN… Once upon a time, SINGLE: MATT YORK – Scent of Sin

Matt York – Scent of Sin is available at Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

Matt York has been there done that and has always been able to document his journeys in his music. Authentic to the core songs that move the listener from memories of down-and-out to uplifting forwardness. His latest single, set to a Brian Wilson meets Chuck Prophet vibe, explores toxic relationships.

“This song is about falling in love with a woman who you don’t believe you can/should trust, and that always seems to be eyeing a better scenario than the one you can offer her. Nonetheless, you feel like if you could just escape to an island or some secluded utopia, things would be perfect.

“I wrote and recorded it shortly before the pandemic hit. I’m releasing it during the pandemic, which I know doesn’t make much sense, but it’s because I can’t stop thinking of how many people must be dealing with horrific relationships or even just sub-par ones in the quarantine and how tough that must be on them. I have a wonderful wife and the pandemic has really reminded us both of how fortunate we are to have each other, but I know there’s a lot of others that must be in a real-bad-place.”, York shares.

If you’re a fan of earnest saying-it-like-it-is set to the beat of breezy harmonies and carried by intricately woven guitar, then this track is going to slide into your fave singer-songwriter of summer playlist.

MATT YORK Scent of Sin

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Produced by T.J. Wenzl, in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts at Bitch Kitty Studios. Mastered by Sage Audio in Nashville, TN.

scent of sin

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And even in my darkest hour,
my heart, she’ll always hold
Once upon a time, she loved me
She don’t love me anymore.
I don’t know just what I’ve done to,
make her oh so sore

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