Alléz Alléz La Vie Est Une Chanson
1. May 2020 By Walter Price 0

Je t’attendais… Mårten Lärka – Alléz, Alléz

Mårten Lärka – Alléz, Alléz is temporarily available at Bandcamp.

Alléz Alléz

by Walter Price

In a one-off experience, Swedish poet/singer-songwriter Mårten Lärka has pre-released his powerfully emotional and dramatically cinematic album, ‘Alléz, Alléz’, on Bandcamp. A move to gain on the platform’s second one-day giving all proceeds to the artist program.

The album, in French, is a joltingly sympathetic (whether if you speak the language or not) collection that is as raw as it is sentimentally striking and you can check out the beautiful single/video, “Ma Bien Aimée” (feat. Moa Holmsten), below.

Mårten Lärkas Alléz, Alléz

Artist photos by Frida Bergström

Lyrics 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 by Hamid Khodja.
Lyrics 1, 5 by Mårten Lärka.
Music and production by Mårten Lärka.
Mixing by Caroline Wickberg, Svenska Grammofonstudion + Welfare Loftet Turqouise.
Mastering by Frida Claeson Johansson, Svenska Grammofonstudion.

Mårten lärka: Vocals, guitar, drums, bass, percussion, harmonica..
Kerstin Skjaervold: Piano 2, 4, pump organ 9, backing vocal 2, 3, 4, 6.
Martin Hellquist: Drums 5, bass 5, organ 5, cow bell 6.
Frida Bergström: Backing vocal 2, 6, 9, whistle 2.
Per “Ruskträsk” Johansson: Saxophone 2, flute 6.
Moa Holmsten: Vocal 9.
Trollet Ingelman Åslund: Cello 6, 9.

Video by Frida Bergström
Music and lyrics: Mårten Lärka, Hamid Khodja
Mårten Lärka: vocals, guitar, harmonica
Moa Holmsten: vocals
Kerstin Skjaervold: pump organ, piano
Trollet Ingelman Åslund: cello
Frida Bergström: backing vocals, whistle
Recording: Mårten Lärka, Studio poulailler
Mixing: Caroline Wickberg, Svenska grammofonstudion
Mastering: Frida Claeson Johansson, Svenska grammofonstudion

Alléz, Alléz
by Mårten Lärka

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Je t’attendais
Et j’écrivais
Toute ma vie
Tout sur la peine
Tout sur toi
Et sur la joie
Ma bien aimée

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