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6. January 2015 By Walter Price 0

Top 25 Articles of 2014

I think it’s quite apparent that Europe “gets” music a lot sooner than us Americans.  The US mainstream is kind of scary; well, it is in Europe too. I’ve heard some crap on pop radio in Europe as well, but their “niche” market is bigger; more fans are ready for new music, and more best music of 2014open too.  But once America gets on board and behind you, they’re some of the best fans in the world. – Michael Miley (Rival Sons)


Here is a look at was read the most by you here at The GTC in 2014.The Top 25 Article of 2014….

Dankeschön for spending some time with us this past year and be sure to support the artist we talk about and the artists in your area doing their best to keep music authentic and from the various shades and configurations  of the soul. Oh, and those who use instruments.

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Now we’ll go back to writing articles about kickass music!