The Violent Years
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Catching Up w/ The Violent Years

The Violent Years

The Violent Years (Photo by Terje Bomann-Larsen / Alt Om Fiske)


By Walter Price


Violent Year Trying To Get OverThe last time we spoke to The Violent Years (Kenneth Bringsdal, Kjetil Sjølingstad, Jack van der Hagen, Lars Erik Humborstad, Eivind Thorsvik) the band was coming off a spectacular album of personal twists and fates Trying To Get Over.

They were preparing a new studio (their haven of sound), gathering thoughts and experiences for new stories in song and feeling the comforts of the small town hamlet of Mandal, Norway they call home. It has only been a little over half a year since our last chat but that is a lifetime in band years and the group of avid outdoors-men and purveyors of thoughtful and enticing rock are set to release new sounds on the world.

As the band work things out in the studio for the new album, Via Antarctica, out in February or March 2015, I caught up with TVY’s  Kenneth Bringsdal for a fast how ya doin’


How’s the new studio working for the band? Are you finding more freedoms?

The new studio is upgraded with better mics, better this and that, and finally an audient analog mixer.

The last record was recorded so cheap its almost impressive how we maintained focused on the music rather than search for better equipment. The place itself is interesting because we have total control and lots of freedom. The cons among a few are fx humidity-because it’s in a cave-and that may harm the expensive equipment over time.

Freedom is wonderful, but the faster one works the better. Time should be spent preparing the songs, making new ones all the time! But we learn new things all the time luckily!

The Violent Years studio 1Last time we spoke you said about the new album, “A solid more cemented sounding….it’s not recorded yet, but it will be our best record so far.” After being in the studio for a while now, how are your feelings?

The “solid cemented” sound statement once claimed is pretty close to what it actually sounds like. Still some recordings left but the skeleton is done and it sounds very fresh! Vocals will be done in a few weeks from now and then the mixing process begins.

My feelings are very good and I really enjoy the tracks on this record.

Because of the amount of songs already written it’s more or less random what songs end up being recorded for a project. If the last was a summon-up sort of record, then this is a more calculated one. The themes are much more woven together.

TVY have been kind and sharing many videos from the recording sessions, are you having fun in making The Violent Years fishingthe new album or is it all stressful work? Any fishing being done?

Fun and hard work at the same time. Ups and downs, like the old roller-coaster metaphor haha!

Stressful, and peaceful, adrenaline and endorphins in a lovely jam! And sometimes it just gives me lows and I want to avoid the music until that muse knocks on my door again. It’s all about the muse and she’s (I hope it’s a she) not so forgiving anymore.

That makes me work harder and harder.

The lows are very important for the experience they give, and the trustworthiness in your writing. All because the lows are so much more judgmental, you’re being able to pick on yourself. Lows are very important in the process. I used to fear them and stopped working on ideas that had fallen to hibernation if you know what I mean. I only wrote new stuff to feel good and creative. Fishing? This summer I fished almost every day… good!!!!

Trying To Get Over was full of introspection, more of the same with the new one? Is there any outside world goings on making its way into the new songs?

The violent Years writingThe last record is more or less about the same personal tragedy. That was never the plan, but because of genuine personal difficulties I had no protection against that approach.  So it’s always smart to notice what state you are in whilst recording. Or maybe not?

Less introspective and a lot more looking out and study that! What circumstances are we living in and how can we sort out a path we believe in? If the last record was about a personal breakdown, then this is what surrounds that. What ingredients lead up to our “now” and our choices!

Besides recording what else have you guys been up to?

Not much really. Drinking, fishing, trying to survive…in general what everybody else does.

Any further thoughts on touring or is it too soon to think about?

Touring is high on the list. We are planning these days and will try to make this output noticed. It’s actually very hard without a decent promo-deal. So we will work a lot more towards that!

TVY 4What lessons learned did you take into the studio this go round?

We have learned more about the magic off timing things, that recording a song is both very easy and very frustrating. I’ve learned much about songwriting in general and realized many new methods to get there. When you are younger you kind off absorb many new things every day and your output is impulsive…and in hindsight extremely naive at times. But at the same time it’s very beautiful because you can hear the spirit of being young and eager.

Now I am better at developing stories that fit together. Therefore the red thread is solid as a spider web this time…


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