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Meet: Driller

‘The Final Deal’
Available Now

By Walter Price

Have you ever heard a track from a new band and thought to yourself, “Nah, I’ll pass on that…”?

Only to find that you have gone back to the same track over and over again? Like a slow growing fungus working its way through your beer soaked cerebral cortex…

Hey, me too! Just this past month we were introduced to the heavy metal stylings of a band straight outta Scotland (via Brazil). They go by the menacing-tool referenced name of DRILLER!

Honestly I couldn’t make heads or tails of what was musically going with Driller at first. I do know I continued to go back to their tracks one by one and finally rested on the fact that these rockers have something going on. 

With this decided, I sent out a handful of ‘get to know ya’ questions…As I do from time to time…

Here is our chat…

Two Brazilian brothers playing heavy metal in Scotland, it sounds like a plot for a movie; would you introduce our readers to the story of the band so far?
Sure! Alex Rech (Singer and Guitars) recorded a CD in Brazil a few months before he moved to Edinburgh. By the time he got in Scotland, I had been living over here for nearly two years. Alex formed a band called Alex Rech Band to play the music he had recorded in Brazil here in Scotland. Myself (Kk Rech – drums) and local bassist, Tom Silk, joined him. After a few gigs we noticed that the songs were sounding heavier and some of the arrangements had changed as well. That was the point we looked at one another and said: “hey, this has to be a new band!” From that moment on, we have been gigging locally and recorded an EP called Alchemy of Love, a single – Live on – and just released our first full length album entitled The Final Deal.

Yes, you guys have released your first full album, what would you say has changed since your EP?
It is a lot different! We believe we have found the band’s sound, which is really important so we can have an impact on the crowds out there. We do our best to write great songs and reach as many people as possible with them! The Final Deal comes with 12 sing-along tunes which combine the best bits of our influences with our unique style. In the end we are Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, still Melodic and Technical! I guess you have to listen to our tunes to really figure Driller out!

Listening to your music, we can hear an 80’s US Metal influence in the guitar department; are you merely living in the past, or trying to bring the tradition forward?
A lot of people say the same about our EP – Alchemy of Love. The Final Deal is definitely heavier and we think that we have moved away from the 80’s comparisons. Nothing wrong with the 80’s, on the contrary, a lot of great music was made that decade, but I think it comes from Alex’s influences (Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Van Halen among others). Having said that, a good listen to The Final Deal will show you many other sides of the band, like the instrumental sections we really enjoy doing. Also, the vocals give Driller a twist to what you would normally expect from a heavy rock/metal band nowadays.

What are your touring plans?
We are now going back to rehearsals and getting things in place to be back gigging as soon as possible. This will happen in early 2014 so join us on Facebook for news on upcoming shows and more!

What does the world need to know about Driller?
If you are one of those heavy metal fans that are looking for a band that play music they love with energy you should go check us out. At the moment, The Final Deal is only available digitally. You can stream and download it from Bandcamp . The album is also available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. The actual physical CD will be available when we start gigging. We are planning an awesome CD launch gig, so you will be hearing from Driller again soon!

Thanks for chatting with us!
Awesome, Cheers mate!

Driller: Website. / Facebook. / Twitter. / Soundcloud.

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