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28. December 2014 By Walter Price 1

Coolest Record Label of 2014

Let’s make 2015 The Year Of The Artist and let the money over substance knuckleheads take best of 2014notice.


By Walter Price


2014 has been a great year for artists making their sounds heard. Sounds that at times have gone against what the mainstream tells you is good or worthy of your respect and ultimately your money and long-term loyalty as a fan of their music.

They work themselves to the bone these artists do. At times spilling their hearts and stained souls into music and then let the world do as they will with it. More often these days there are labels behind such talents that understand what it is to make music, to lay your emotional turmoil out for the savages to pick apart and then get back into it and do it over and over again.

These sorts of labels deserve your applause.  I’m talking about the labels that are in business to make money but not willing to do it by stickin’ the ole screws to the artists who are crafting these personal masterpieces.

I thought a good idea to have a vote of who you thought was the best label in 2014. I have a list of my personal faves for you to choose from. I know there are tons more out there fighting the good fight for artists rights, integrity and artistic freedoms but these are the ones who stuck out most to me this past year.

However the voting turns out I’d like to send huge kudos to those who understand what it is to be an artist trying to make honest music. No matter how beautiful, disgustingly sad, weird, groovy or just straight up right on it is.

Let’s make 2015 The Year Of The Artist and let the money over substance knuckleheads take notice.We’ll chat more bout this in a few days.

(The winning label will have their 2014 releases featured in a special GTC podcast very soon)



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The stats are anonymous. They will be listed when the vote closes on 31 December!

Label Links: Burger Records (Fullerton, CA), Glitterhouse Records (Beverungen, Germany), Breakup Records (Portland, OR), Riding Easy Records (Hermosa Beach, CA), Laughing Outlaw Records (Sydney, Australia), Tricycle Records (San Francisco, CA)