The Y Axes
30. December 2014 By Walter Price 0

The Y Axes’ Alexi Belchere’s Top 10 Releases of 2014


“We are not the future of pop music; we are pop music from the future. New album, Sunglasses The Y Axes& Solar Flares,” – The Y Axes


If you haven’t found the far-out lo-fi blend of power-pop and garage rock sounds of San Francisco coolness that is The Y Axes yet, you’re simply missing out. Their album Sunglasses & Solar Flares is a fine collection of sweet, sour, thoughtful, artsy, sprinkle of cheeky and a downright blast. The Y Axes’ future is as bright as the star Sirius (their rumored origins).

We asked band vocalist Alexi Belchere if she would tell us who she thought was the crème de la crème in her mind in 2014 and she kindly obliged!



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1. Bent Knee @bentkneemusic – Shiny Eyed Babies – A dark hole you cannot climb out of. Flowers will grow in your ribcage.


2. Archis @archis – Blood – Intense dynamic percussion, cathartic lyrics, painfully real anthem. Feels like rebirth.


3. Phantogram @Phantogram – Voices – Perhaps the sexiest song about Bill Murray that’s ever existed. The rest is a twisting romp in the



4. Foster the People @fosterthepeople – Supermodel – Dreamy, washy, sometimes thrummy. Great follow of Torches, with more chillness and Broken Jaw-ness


5. Interpol @Interpol – El Pintor. The super mario world of interpol albums. Perfectly executed to be both excellent post-post-punk & current.


6. Smallpools @smallpools – Killer Whales – Infectious synth pop gold. Except i’m terrified of orcas.. And it’s just 1 song!


7. St. Vincent @st_vincent – St. Vincent – like listening to a purple lava lamp slowly burn through the glass. Hypnotizing, painful, and viscous.


8. Survival Guide @SrvvlGd – Ugly Side – It’s that phone call you don’t want, but can’t ignore.


9. Gerard Way @gerardway – Hesitant Alien – Every lo-fi disillusioned crackling song feels too short. Just listen to each one twice through.


10. Curious Quail @CuriousQuail – After the Lights Failed – Anthemic soul-soaring indie folk pop. Sound good? Then get it!