14. December 2013 By Walter Price 0

Walter Price’s Top 10 Singles 2013

‘Vol. III – Hell’s Likely’

By Walter Price

It was hard enough trying to get my Top 10 albums rundown together and, this, my Top 10 singles list was even harder!

From power & indie-pop, dirty riff garage, country/rockabilly and smash your face and soul rock n’ roll we have seen a historic year in music making from around this globe of ours. The very best time to be a fan of sounds and the good-times exploration involved. 

I can not wait to see what 2014 has up its proverbial sleeves…

1. Mammoth Mammoth – “Sittin Pretty” 

    2. Free Fall – “World Domination”

    3. Chris Leigh & The Broken Hearts – “If You Make It To Heaven”

    4. Warm Soda – “Jeanie Loves Pop”

    5. Hurricane Love – “Only Human”
    6. Black Joe Lewis – “Come To My Party”

    7. Terry Lee Hale – “The Long Draw” 

    8. The Blank Tapes – “Coast To Coast”
    9. Lovers Electric – “If Love Is Not The Answer”
    10. Hellsingland Underground – “The Lost River Band”

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