gtc reader's poll

Best of 2014 GTC Reader’s Poll Results (Podcast)

gtc reader's poll


Well, if that wasn’t damn fantastic! Best of 2014 Global Texan Chronicles Reader’s Poll, that is…

Thousands visited the votes page and mostly every one made votes. Which is fine and dandy. Thank you for your participation and thanks to all the artists nominated and not that made the music world a better place in 2014. Further proof that there isn’t a need for overly produced committee organized music that is making mainstream radio and corresponding ‘artists’ unbearable.

Let’s make 2015 an even better year for music being made by artists the way they want to make and hopefully we’re hearing it the way they want us to…

Super High-Fives to all the winners! 

A text version of the winners will be published this weekend. Until then please have a listen and share with your pals the special edition of The GTC Podcast ‘Hear This’

And please support all these artists and the nominees on their social media….

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