andrea-schroeder where the wild oceans end.
1. January 2015 By Walter Price 0

Walter Price’s 2014 Picks

“It is time to make changes happen. Artists and their friends the indie and for the artists labels Walter Pricehave never had better chances than now.” – Walter Price

By Walter Price

Is it really time to compile my thoughts on the best of the best of the year.

2014 was a year that saw a big move in my listening habits back into the indie, garage and singer-songwriter genres. For good reasons. The artists in these sonic fields were badass this past year.

All in all, 2014 was a hell of a ride, a true blast. I have met, chatted and dug into some killer new artists and sounds from around our sphere..I truly enjoyed discovering these sounds. Thank You to those making music and Thank You to those who support it.


  1. Andrea Schroeder – ‘Where The Wild Oceans End
  2. The Picturebooks – ‘Imaginary Horse’
  3. AC/DC – ‘Rock or Bust’
  4. Johnny Marr – ‘Playland’
  5. Rich Girls – ‘Fiver’
  6. Nikki Lane – “All or Nothin’”
  7. Emma Swift – ‘Emma Swift’
  8. Cole Washburn – ‘Traveler’s Moon’
  9. Dangermaker – ‘Light The Dark’
  10. Everyone Is Dirty – ‘DYING IS FUN”
  11. Annie Girl & The Flight – ‘Pilot Electric’
  12. Jubilee Riots – ‘Penny Black’
  13. Shooter Jennings – ‘Don’t Wait Up (For George)’ / ‘Countach (for Giorgio)’
  14. Black Swift – ‘The World Howls’
  15. Howlin’ Lord – ‘Breakfast Of Champions”


  1. Andrea Schroeder – “Ghosts of Berlin
  2. Lovers Electric – “Hollywood Dream
  3. Rich Girls – “Worse
  4. J.P. Kallio – “1994
  5. The Naysayers – “Molotov Fairytale” (B-side to Fools Gold Rush)
  6. The Tropics – “Fireproof
  7. Faz Waltz – “Kids Are All Wild
  8. Pearl Charles – “Night & Day
  9. Feral Conservatives – “Little Pieces
  10. Quil – “Going Rogue

Frohes Neues Jahr

& Don’t Forget To Rock N’ Roll In 2015