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Captures my imagination, VIDEO/SINGLE: LAURIE – “Heaven on a Thread”

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by Walter Price

Memories don’t travel as well as you’d like them to. Childhood wonderment, that world where you just knew that everything was as it should be, transforms, shifts as the reality of age sets in. The new single, “Heaven on a Thread”, from Austrian songwriter Laurenz Jandl [Laurie] is condolence to thoughts, recollections altered.

Heaven on a thread
Cut me ‘til it breaks
Found a needle in the hay
Precious cargo brought to bay

Why is it so heavy?
Why is it so dense?
Defies all explanation
It doesn’t make any sense

Heaven on a thread
Don’t make me forget
A treasure buried by the apes
It’s a fever you can’t shake

Why is it so strong now?
Why does it feel so wrong?
Captures my imagination
And turns into a song

Somber inspired, poetry further exemplified by the vintage footage film of the Vienna Boys’ Choir experiencing the world as youthful innocents. Who are they, who are you now… Time changes everything…


PR by Bernadette Karner
Artists photo by Fabian Zerche

Video footage filmed by Roland Fischer
Edited by Fabian Zerche & Laurenz Jandl

Music written by Laurie
Produced by Paul Pfleger
Mixed by Alex ‚Fire‘ Tomann
Mastered by Martin Scheer
Performed by Günther Paulitsch, Jürgen Schmidt & Laurie
Recorded at the Recorder Music Studios, Judendorf-Straßengel


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