Tall Heights 24 January 2020
2. January 2020 By Walter Price 0

Breathing you in, SINGLE: TALL HEIGHTS feat. Upper Structure – “Under Your Skin” [+ a classic Joni Mitchell cover]

Tall Heights – Under Your Skin is available @ Apple Music.

Tall Heights

by Walter Price

If you’re a fan of Iron & Wine, Beirut and/or Passenger then you’ve probably already made your way to the music of Boston’s Electrofolk duo Tall Heights. With their sympathetic harmonies, poetic lyrics, and understated depths, this outfit is taking their music-making to where your soul is. And this is beautifully evident in their recent single, “Under Your Skin”. The track, featuring Berklee College of Music’s Upper Structure, is a sentimental acknowledgment that the youth are our future.

In a statement to Billboard, the band’s Paul Wright is quoted, “We’re at a place in our lives where we’ve lost most of the older generation. Our grandparents are gone, and there’s this new generation taking shape. It’s that feeling of a new human and a new generation and about the world that we’re passing on to them.”

You can stream the stunning single and watch a ‘live’ video of a cover of Joni Mitchell’s 1971 Graham Nash breakup song, “River”, below.


PR by Mora May Agency

Artist photo by Shervin Lainez

Tim Harrington (vox, guitar)
Paul Wright (vox, cello)

Tall Heights

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