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Doing it for the bees, SINGLE: COLOUR of the JUNGLE – “Humblebee” [proceeds benefiting Bumblebee Conservation Trust]

Humblebee by Colour of the Jungle is available @ Apple Music.


by Walter Price

As intimate as it is vast, Colour of the Jungle’s recent single “Humblebee” is a tactile tribute to nature’s hardest working inhabitant, the bumblebee, and the impacting ignorance of humans on the environment. The arena-ready track’s proceeds will go to benefit The Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Stream the track and watch a live performance, produced by Sofar Portsmouth, below. And follow this link to see how much more you can do zo further the support. Without the bee, there is no you and me…


Album artwork by Harry Adams
PR by Lydia Reed
Band photo via Facebook

John Harris
Dan Fiford
Joe Costello
Brendan McVeagh
Jack Evans


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β€œMy sister had gone to a bee farm after her fight with leukemia and my friend was struggling with a cocaine habit. These events inspired my lyrics. Everyone has stuff going on whether it’s happy or not. I try to deal with my ups and downs by writing songs and each one marks that point in my life” – Jack Evans

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