Trent Toney
6. November 2020 By Walter Price 0

…love and the pain, TRENT TONEY – My Mind

Trent Toney – My Mind is available at Spotify, SoundCloud.

by Walter Price

Life’s trajectories can be all-encompassing and as you move ahead, the memories, love, and moments that built you can sometimes become faded. And the sentimental debut single “My Mind” from Portland singer-songwriter Trent Toney reminds you that love and holding on can be everything.

My friends like to say my music sounds like something someone would listen to while crying and gorging themselves on a tub of ice cream after a breakup.” – Toney

And while this heart-tugging track will certainly draw comparisons to names like Shawn Mendes, Lewis Capaldi, and perhaps hints of Ben Folds, it’s the beautifully unique music video that’ll further the song’s sentiments. In short, a young wanderlusting llama, with his (or her) head and future aimed for the stars, embarks on a journey to endless possibilities. But just as the realities of leaving set in, our cinematic hero can’t shake the undeniable powers of love. Kudos to director Isaiah Shields for creating one of the most awe-inspiring and whimsical music films of 2020.

You can stream “My Mind” here and watch the sweet video now at the GTC.


Artist photo courtesy of Public Display PR

Music and lyrics by Trent Toney

Film directed/edited by Isaiah Shields

Trent Toney

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If one word doesn’t line up with what actually happened, I feel weird. I write a ton of songs just to get one that feels right… I’d like to say my style is unique, but there are so many different styles and every one is unique. I do think the feeling and the emotion is real, and that’s all that matters to me.” – T. Toney

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