Olive Louise
5. November 2020 By Walter Price 0

…something wasn’t right, VIDEO/SINGLE: OLIVE LOUISE – Bad Things [Louise + Harrison, directors]

Olive Louise – Bad Things is available now at Apple Music.

Olive Louise

by Walter Price

“The main message behind this song is that even when you feel like no one gets what you’re going through or like nobody is really listening, you aren’t alone and you shouldn’t let it stop you from being open. Don’t bottle anything in. It is okay to feel your emotions and to be upset when life gets tough, but then own that feeling, and let it propel you forward”, songwriter Olive Louise giving further depth to her recent single, “Bad Things”.

A track that’s as insightful as it is a, seemingly personal, scathing review of a mental health system, one that’s broken, at best. Cash over care, a paycheck superseding compassion is all too familiar and, sadly, this is nothing new. As a young mind trying to make sense of what plagues it, this is a terrifying gauntlet to navigate. And the accompanying video is a nightmarish look at youth trapped in this cycle of misspent trust causing more damage than one’s original anxieties.

I used to be fine in the morning never late at night
That was paranoia as a child
Good reason
Therapist had said you’ve got to stop yanking at your head
But I had all these thoughts that were buried deep underneath me
In with the good thoughts
Out with the bad thoughts
Thank you for your money
My fingers were stinging
Left with the same feeling
No one’s really listening

If your taste in thought-provoking pop music thrives someplace between Aldous Harding and Sia then this track is going to slide into your indie playlist nicely.


Artist photo via Facebook

Directed by Olive Louise + Harrison
Director of Photography Blake Gaytan
Styled by Lani Rose Ault

Mixed by Andrew Wuepper
Mastered by Chris Gehringe

Olive Louise

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Olive Louise is a singer, songwriter, and composer from New York known for her championed ability to intertwine her classically trained background with a refreshing take on today’s contemporary pop landscape.” – bio

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