Layla Kaylif
7. November 2020 By Walter Price 0

…like birth like death, LAYLA KAYLIF – As I Am

Layla Kaylif – Lovers Don’t Meet is available at Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music.

Layla Kaylif

by Walter Price

Like her recent awe-inspiring album, Lovers Don’t Meet, even singer-songwriter Layla Kaylif’s name has a poetic flow to it. The 7-track release, that takes inspiration from works by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Rumi, and Shakespeare is as weighty as it is delicately beautiful.

London-based Kaylif, who delivers her emotional lyrics with light-as-air vocals, knows how to mesmerize with a minimalist approach. Letting her verses tell their story as soft Americana arrangments cradle her sentiments. And to get you acquainted, have a listen to the single “As I Am“. A subtle country-rock number with influence from a poem by Nizar Qabbani, this track is reminiscent of Linda Ronstadt, The Carpenters, or perhaps Carole King.

Somewhere in the golden sphere
You dared to give your heart outright
For she who gave it all and lost knows the cost

Your love is like birth like death
Mystical and extreme impossible to repeat

Broken as I am can you really love me
Hopeless as I am can you really love me
Can you really love me Love me as I am?

Layla Kaylif is a studied and thoughtful songwriter and if you like your weekend tea soundtracked by soft and indelible beauty, then give this single and the album it’s from for a spin or more. And you can now stream both, here at the GTC.


All songs, written by Layla Kaylif
Produced by Jason Hall
Guitar/Banjo and Musical arrangements by Ben Owens
Keyboards and Backing vocals by Reed Pittman
Bass by Cornelius Perry
Drums by Matt Iceman

Artist photo courtesy of Sonic PR

Layla Kaylif

website / facebook / instagram

You with your fathomless eyes! Your love
is extreme,
Like birth and death, your love
is unrepeatable.

– Nizar Qabbani

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