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Global Texan Weekly Top 10 January 23, 2017

Global Texan Weekly Top 10 January 16 – 22, 2016.

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Thank You for coming Global Texan Chronicles last week as we checked out sounds from The Blanks Tapes, Michaela Anna, Dirdy Birdy, Saints Eleven, we looked at the new video from Samantha Crain, checked out 5 albums that influenced The Breaking’s Adam Sweeney & Tim Karplus and then we went back-in-time and reevaluated Morrissey’s Viva Hate.

Whew, that was an awesome week indeed.

Here is what was read the most January 16 – 22, 2016:


  1. The Blank Tapes Tour News / Sexxy Skyype Video
  2. Psychedelic-Dark Turns of Samantha Crain Oh Dear Louis Video
  3. 3 Reasons Why The Sounds of Michaela Anne
  4. 5 Albums That Helped Shape The Breaking’s Adam Sweeney & Tim Karplus
  5. 3 Reasons Why Saints Eleven Coming Back Around
  6. Retro Review Steven P. Morrissey Viva Hate
  7. Alan Siegel & Matt Adams Get Laid-back on Dirdy Birdy Digital Lights EP
  8. From the Keller Podcast: Sally Grayson
  9. Classic Country, Pumpkins, Smoke, Lights, Bubbles, Robots, Rock N’ Roll and 3 Reasons Why Oak Street Blues
  10. Cole Washburn ‘Only Love’

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