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Classic Country, Pumpkins, Smoke, Lights, Bubbles, Robots, Rock N’ Roll and 3 Reasons Why Oak Street Blues

Oak Street Blues will mix elements and come out fresh.

by Walter Price


With doses of Gin Blossoms-era alt-rock, the twists of Roger Miller tongue in cheek and the dusty floorboards of The Bakersfield Sound, Oak Street Blues are doing alt-country all brand new. Singer/guitarist Chris Hall has a playful and earnest delivery (not to mention the ‘ah shucks’ grin) that will draw you in as he name-checks and conveys tales of, well, everything from the normal to his possible abnormal views on the ordinary. But what is clearly evident, is that Hall is authentic, and this is more than enough for the listener to experience tracks fully over again and see where you and the storyteller lands.

Surprises (as well as classic country, pumpkins, smoke, lights, bubbles, robots, Rock N’ Roll) and the good times are plenty, so let us go 3 Reasons Why Oak Street Blues.


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Eagles, Bowie, Conway Rock Show


YouTube Video Notes:

This is the Music Video for the Oak Street song Rock Show from the Calico album. The video as well as the song is a tribute to all the bands that I love: Conway Twitty, David Bowie, Buck Owens, The Flaming Lips, and a few others. Warren Huart, who has worked with many great artists such as Aerosmith and the Fray, produced this song. The video was filmed in Lindsey (central California). The truck is a 54 Chevy pick up. Some more insider info is that the Calico album is a move back to the Americana sound that Oak Street began with. Warren steered Oak Street away from the alt/indie sound and kind of set the style going forward. The song still references grate rock artists such as David Bowie and the Flaming Lips. Who are know for their great stage shows having a lot of theatrics. This is something that oak street strives for too. Check out our live show video. It’s pretty cool with all the lasers and lights. Song and Video were made in 2013 and 2014 prior to the passing of David Bowie and Glen Frey. Now the video stands as a nice tribute to those two legends.


Good Ole Boys


YouTube Video notes:

None offered


Heart Beats


YouTube Video Notes:

Oak Street Blues is an Alternative Folk/Country band. Founded by Chris Hall, a veteran of several bands spanning genres as diverse as Gangsta Rap to Electronica to Rockabilly and back again, the sound of Oak Street Blues is the true definition of what makes a man crazy about women, heartbreak, and ’55 Buicks. Once he was satisfied with the direction of the music, he enlisted two of his friends to join the ranks; Jon Meier on Bass, and James Vela on keyboards. To complete the band, an ad calling for a drummer was answered by Alejandra Arellano. The sound is energetic, lively, and unpredictable. Live shows have proven that any audience can immediately become immersed with the sounds of an alternative cover of “I Think We’re Alone Now”, as well as a syrupy sweet, country-tinged “Sugartown” (complete with a Kazoo-along), mixed with all original songs about pumpkins, and longing for a night lost in an unrequited love’s eyes. Oak Street Blues is currently recording new material and playing live shows all over Los Angeles as the “For Lovers Only” tour continues into the summer of 2010.






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