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12. December 2013 By Walter Price 0

Walter Price’s 2013 Top 10 Albums

Chris Leigh -‘Broken Hearted Friends’

By Walter Price

The worst part about year end Top 10 lists is that they don’t go past 10…

With that being said, 2013 will absolutely go down as one of the best years for music in decades. That is a fact brothers and sisters. First example, Chris Leigh and his uniquely fresh nostalgic rockabilly bluesy country and good ole story telling in songs of an album made my #1 simply because there may be many ‘throwback’ acts out there but not many came close to the heart and soul of the genre as Leigh has. His songs are his life and the honesty comes out in a way very few have the strength to lay out for the world to hear and experience. Take it for a spin and you’ll soon catch my drift. 

This year also saw ‘revivalist’ Rock N’ Roll snap back into shape with at least a dozen killer acts bringing the pure (and sometimes gritty) sounds we’ve been longing for since the 80’s drove many a great rock act to the underground or a small spot on MTV’s late night 120 Minutes show.  I’ll say it again, honesty in music is clear and the peoples will recognize and weed-out the imitators from the real deals.

I hate the fact I couldn’t list the great albums from Destroy She Said, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Lovers Electric, Free Fall, Scott Matthew, John David Kent or Norah Jones & Billie Joe Armstrong…That’s life and Top 10 lists don’t go past 10 these days…

  1. Chris Leigh and the Broken Hearts Band – ‘Broken Hearted Friends’
  2. The Temperance Movement – ‘The Temperance Movement’
  3. Mammoth Mammoth – ‘Vol. III – Hell’s Likely’
  4. Hellsingland Underground – ‘Evil Will Prevail’
  5. The Blank Tapes – ‘Vacation’
  6. Summer Camp – ‘Summer Camp’
  7. Small Jackets– ‘IV’
  8. Black Joe Lewis– ‘Electric Slave’
  9. The Mercy Kills – ‘Happy To Kill You’
  10. Clara Luzia – ‘We Are Fish’

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