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Claudia Price’s 2013 Top Releases

By Claudia Price

2013 was a really good year full of outstanding music for me personally. Started working at the Global Texan Chronicles blog and I am glad I did. Otherwise there wouldn´t have been musical discoveries like The Temperance Movement. You do not believe how much I LOVE this album and could listen to it from morning til night time. Really, if you´re in the mood for some rock´n roll I suggest TTM for your all day pleasure! Here is my Top 10 for 2013. Enjoy!

  1. The Temperance Movement – ‘The Temperance Movement’
  2. Scott Matthew– ‘Unlearned’
  3. Mogwai – ‘Declare The Lord Is Out Of Control’ (Single)
  4. Iron & Wine – ‘Ghost On Ghost’
  5. Capital Cities – ‘In A Tidal Wave of Mistery’
  6. Hurricane Love – ‘Only Human’ (Single)
  7. Young Rebel Set – ‘Crocodile’
  8. Family Of The Year – ‘Loma Vista’
  9. The Blank Tapes – ‘Vacation’
  10. Glen Hansard– ‘Drive All Night’ (EP)

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