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3 Reasons Why Saints Eleven Coming Back Around

Saints Eleven New Album Coming Back Around Out Now. Saints Eleven by Walter Price   Couple fast facts; Saints Eleven’s Jeff Grossman’s voice couldn’t be mistaken for another’s and If you had it in your mind that the band’s new and third full length Coming Back Around would be more of what you’ve come to know them for, you’d be somewhat wrong and you’d be amazed. Sure, the raw and raucous elements of the Texas Red Dirt (and tastes of The Bakersfield sound) is there, check out their take on Buck Owen’s “Cryin’ Time”.  What is different this time around is the concentration on letting stories unfold and linger. Like long nights in dusty barrooms listening to timeless barstool tales. This is something the band started to perfect on tracks from 2015’s I Told You and something must have clicked. While it’s far too easy to focus on the frontperson of any band; Grossman isn’t alone, no, Saints Eleven is a well-honed three-piece that work in unison to create a sound that is truly reminiscent of what country radio sounded like in its last heyday in the late 70’s early 80’s, all the while forging their own thing. Jeffrey Mosley (Bass) and Alex Shepherd (Drums) round out this incredibly tight band. The three of them, coming into their own, letting the music and stories breath on Coming Back Around and this album will undoubtedly see the band’s nationwide, as well as worldwide presence, grow. On “Heartbreak Songs”, the band calls for the return of those lonesome songs that once filled jukeboxes and the airwaves in what seems like lifetimes ago and Saints Eleven have done just that. So, if you want authenticity in music, as I do, let’s go 3 Reasons Why Saints Eleven Coming Back Around:   Saints Eleven Facebook  /  Twitter  / Website  / Buy on iTunes


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