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Who Can Sleep Jean Seberg

Who Can Sleep go down a daunting rabbit hole in their new single/video “Jean Seberg”.

Who Can Sleep

by Walter Price


First, my mind asked, “Who is Jean Seberg?”. The name is familiar but has clearly faded from memory. Then I found myself in a six-hour journey down a sad and twisted rabbit hole involving French and Hollywood film history, the FBI, Black Panther Party, misunderstanding, sadness, and suicide (probable, as it were).

Los Angeles’ indie-pop outfit Who Can Sleep (Lexie Helgerson and Dean Vivirito) explore questions needed asked of a name nearly forgotten on recent generations. And in a new political climate that many fear could mirror past government intrusions, their haunting single, “Jean Seberg”, finds reverberating importance.

Before you check out the beautiful Mike Gan directed clip, check out this excerpt from an article by David Thrussell (http://www.waxpoetics.com/)

A casket covered with lilies, daisies, and yellow roses. A stunned and muted crowd of hundreds gathered at Paris’s Montparnasse Cemetery, Friday, September 14, 1979.

The mourners were there to bid farewell to Jean Seberg, internationally renowned actress, activist, and reluctant celebrity. Among those present were her young son Diego and his father (Jean’s former husband), notable French author and diplomat Romain Gary.

Parisian police had declared her death a suicide, the result of alcohol and barbiturate poisoning. But the coroner was more cautious, at first issuing a report of “probable suicide” with “unresolved questions,” and then the following year filing charges for “persons unknown” who may have been involved in her death.


Make sure you read the rest here.


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article cover photo by  Charlie Chipman


*Winner* Best Cinematography Moonfaze Feminist Film Festival 2016

Directed by Mike Gan
Produced by Harrison Harvey, Mike Gan, Lexie Helgerson
Director of Photography: Cory Warner
Steadicam Operator: Aaron Gantt
Wardrobe: Kathleen Kennedy
Production Design: Flora Ortega
Makeup: Hayley Goldschein
Assistant Director: Julia Aks






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