Michaela Anne
22. January 2017 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why The Sounds of Michaela Anne

Michaela Anne strong roots country sound.

Michaela Anne

by Walter Price


Three albums deep and getting more personal and authentic on her latest, Singer-songwriter Michaela Anne is a rare natural. Comparisons moving in and out of contemporaries recent and the ones before her are easy, but no need to dwell. Michaela Anne is a woman in a sea of male dominated Americana that stands shoulders above. Her newest release Bright Lights and the Fame travels a multitude of landscapes, emotional diversity in near perfection.

Without further gushing adulation, here are just 3 of the Reasons Why Michaela Anne:


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article photo by Angelina Castillo

Ease My Mind


Bright Lights and the Fame


Oh Sailor





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