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7. October 2021 By Walter Price 0


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Glass Heart String Choir Wounds video/single

by Walter Price

As eloquent as the new single itself, Glass Heart String Choir’s newest release, “Wounds”, is introduced with this quote from their bio, “…artfully navigating the unforgiving landscapes, fighting to escape the cyclic burden of psychic wounds and emotional scars.”

Powerful before you even hear one luscious note, as GHSC’s Katie Mosehauer and Ian Williams continue their quest to deliver to the world delicate and romantic folk-pop. Their poetic and cinematic lyrics are always as mesmerizing as the arrangements that pillow each and every emotional journey. And this new one doesn’t waver from their mission.

Please don’t go my love
Don’t walk backwards with my blood still on your lips
Don’t say it’s come to this

And what did you mean my love?
When you told me that each day burns
Like an iron on your skin

These wounds of love are hardly art
I wish the scars would be more beautiful
Than they really are

What’s the point my love?
Why keep going through these motions
When every outcome is the same

The music video, directed by Katie Mosehauer and filmed by Ryan J. Salva near Joshua Tree National Park and Palm Springs, is just as stunning as these verses. The song’s story is told through contrasting desert and water, interpretive dance, and a dagger. Brilliant editing and potent imagery in concert with “Wounds” poignant message, altogether cementing the fact that Glass Heart String Choir continues to be a step beyond your average pop outfit.


Artists photo by Ryan J. Salva

Music by Ian Williams and Katie Mosehauer
Lyrics by Ian Williams
Lead Vocal and Acoustic Guitar by Ian Williams
Violin, Piano, Synths, Vocal Choir and Additional Vocals by Katie Mosehauer
Arranged by Katie Mosehauer
Recorded and produced by Katie Mosehauer
Mixed by Katie Mosehauer and Pierre Ferguson at Foundry for Sound.
Mastered by Pierre Ferguson

Film: Directed by Katie Mosehauer and filmed by Ryan J. Salva

Glass Heart String Choir Wounds

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Friends-in-arms reveling at the intersection of classical virtuosity, existential poetics, and art-film surrealism, Seattle art-pop duo Glass Heart String Choir weaves golden lyrical threads of Haute-art into their achingly beautiful orchestral tapestry.” – artist bio

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