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8. October 2021 By Walter Price 0

…how heavenly our paradise was, FANTASTIC NEGRITO ft. Miko Marks Rolling Through California

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by Walter Price

In a YouTube post below his charitable single/video, “Rolling Through California” ft. Miko Marks, Grammy Award Winning song artisan Fantastic Negrito is quoted as, “It all came together on that fateful day September 9, 2020. Everyone in Northern California woke up to a blood-red sun on an orange sky. The air quality was the worst we had ever experienced. It felt and looked apocalyptic. Everything came to mind; climate change, drought, water management. It was quite terrifying and it inspired me to write a song that would bring attention to how treacherous our yearly fire season is. I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes in fear of being trapped by fire. We must find the will to meet this environmental crisis.”

“Rolling Through California” is a turn-it-up genre-melding pop song featuring tons of feel-good ingredients. Of course those juicy guitar licks, keys to die for and so many sing-a-long harmonies you’ll be belting out those lyrics at the top of your lungs in no time flat! But let’s be honest here, the secret spice is that voice of Miko Marks. A new name to me, but not someone to soon be forgotten.

Everything’s charred property and cars
They tried to get away but They didn’t get far
The air quality is looking bad
Everybody outside is wearing a mask

Can hear the sound?
It’s burning to the ground

I can hear the sound
When I be rolling through California

5 years ago today it never was this way
We used to laugh and point at Arizona
While they played with their guns
We laid out in the sun
Ohhh how heavenly our paradise was

A weighty subject matter that affects so many families, businesses, and history told in a way that makes you groove while you soak up the realities of man-made devastation. And this is only made more palpable by the track’s music video.

Directed by Aerick Neal and featuring Oakland Black Cowboy Association, the film follows a young kid traveling through black and white scenes of what once was, as Marks and Negrito perform in vivid color. A contrast of bleakness and positivity. Reminding us all that climate change is real and we can do something about it.

And you can see the video as well as a powerful Live at Storefront Records performance, here at the GTC.

FANTASTIC NEGRITO ft. Miko Marks Rolling Through California

Artists photos courtesy of Shore Fire Media

Video: Directed/Edited by Aerick Neal, Shoot Something Productions
Producer: Adyam Abraham

Live video: Live at Storefront Records

Rolling Through California

fantastic negrito // miko marks

“Fantastic Negrito has partnered with Defy:Disaster so that a portion of the song proceeds will go to support firefighters, first responders, and communities impacted by wildfires throughout North America. You can also donate here.”

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